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ISCIIslamic Supreme Council of Iraq
ISCIIntegrated Science (various universities)
ISCIintracytoplasmic sperm injection
ISCIIncomplete Spinal Cord Injury
ISCIIdaho State Correctional Institution
ISCIIndustry Standard Coding Identification
ISCIIndustry Standard Commercial Identifier (Charlotte, NC)
ISCIInitial-State Configuration Interaction
ISCIInter-Symbol and Channel Interference
ISCIInstitute of Systems, Control and Information (Japan)
ISCIInternational State Crime Initiative (London, England, UK)
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full) studies have been done on the impact of ISCI on infants and adolescents, linking the treatment to an increased risk of low birth weight and birth defects, but this is the first time adult males were studied.
Cardiology research at ISCI, part of UHealth--the University of Miami Health System, has significantly advanced the treatment of heart disease through the use of stem cell therapy and has led to the publication of key influential clinical trials that have shown the efficacy of mesenchymal and cardiac stem cells in regenerating cardiac tissue.
Ameri threw his seats behind Maliki in 2010, formally split with ISCI in 2011, and then joined Maliki's coalition for the 2013 provincial elections.
Iran could also justify its support for the ISCI if the three blocs are able to present a unified stance against another Maliki premiership.
In the weeks since the April 30 election, as news leaked ofMaliki's anticipated victory margin, ISCI and the Sadrists' best hope appeared to be pressuring the prime minister to choose a successor from his State of Law coalition.
In August 2003, when Abd al-Aziz's brother, Mohammad Baqr al-Hakim, was assassinated in a bombing outside a Najaf mosque, Abd al-Aziz succeeded his brother as ISCI leader.
In particular, the current ISCI leader, Ammar al-Hakim, does not seem to be offered as much space and attention as one would expect.
ISCI is promoting outgoing Vice President Adel Abdul-Mahdi as its main choice, even though he is opposed by the Sadrists.
However, the Shiite coalition, which is made up primarily of the ISCI and the Sadrists, is backed by Iran, which now regards Allawi in a favourable light.
Maliki governs with the support of ISCI but they will be rivals in the election.
Both sides emphasized the need to strengthen bilateral ties between the Kurdistan Region and the ISCI party.
The ISCI is a Iraqi political party comprised of Iraqis from different backgrounds.