ISCISInternational Symposium on Computer and Information Sciences
ISCISIndependent Schools Council Information Service (UK)
ISCISIntegrated Services for Children Information System (Canada)
ISCISInhibited Social Contact Initiation Syndrome (behavioral science)
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Insolvency Service web based systems relocation update: We are pleased to report that the web-based systems; Individual Insolvency Register, ISCIS Online and CHAMP IP have been successfully relocated to their location, with our IT managed services partner.
Anyone who wants further information should write to ISCIS at Grosvenor Gardens House, 35-37 Grosvenor Gardens, London, SW1W OBS, or call 020 7798 1500.
The Insolvency Service is in the process of relocating some of our web-based systems (Individual Insolvency Register , DRO application , ISCIS Online and CHAMP IP) to a new data centre and during this move these services will be unavailable.