ISCORIron and Steel Corporation (South Africa)
ISCORInternational Security and Conflict Resolution program (San Diego State University)
ISCORIn Situ Chemical Oxidation Through Recirculation (environmental remediation)
ISCORIntelligent Systems Control and Robotics (Florida A&M University and Florida State University)
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Disponibilidad: DV Soluciones, ISCOR, Segtimex, $11 Computadoras.
Historically, ISCOR used mainly migrant labour (Hlatswayo: 2005) in its Fordist production methods (ground Work Report: 2006).
Iscor will continue as a focused steel company, producing 5.
In South Africa, similar companies are Transnet from 279,000 to 115,000 since 1982), Iscor (lost 7,000 workers since 1989), while losses in the mining industry amounted to 120,000.
At the heart of heavy industry in South Africa stood three state corporations: ISCOR, producing iron and steel, ESCOM, producing electric power, and SASOL, producing oil-from-coal and other chemicals.
An oddity of apartheid political policies was the state ownership of certain major enterprises that are conventionally private in market economies, such as the major arms production facility, Armscor, the steel producer Iscor, and the major electric utility.
Iscor, South Africa's biggest steel producer, had earlier this year lobbied for 20 percent protection.
Copperweld Corporation, SGL Carbon AG, Corus, Iscor Limited, The Canam Manac Group Inc.
25Mm Or Equivalentmake- Iscor,Ceratizit,Sandvik,,Tungaloy,Taegutec
Sutherland holds a three year engineering diploma and has vast experience in the field of engineering, having worked for Iscor in South Africa for many years.
BRICS members already have a strong footprint in South African businesses; take, for example, Mittal Steel South Africa which purchased the state-owned steel company Iscor Ltd.
But equally if not more important has been the support given to the MEC through the formation and promotion of state corporations such as ESKOM, ISCOR and SASOL, and the coordinated expansion of private and state capital around the MEC and MEC-related sectors.