ISCORIron and Steel Corporation (South Africa)
ISCORInternational Security and Conflict Resolution program (San Diego State University)
ISCORIn Situ Chemical Oxidation Through Recirculation (environmental remediation)
ISCORIntelligent Systems Control and Robotics (Florida A&M University and Florida State University)
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Historically, ISCOR used mainly migrant labour (Hlatswayo: 2005) in its Fordist production methods (ground Work Report: 2006).
In 1994 Gert Cruywagen came to the Iscor Corporation, based in Pretoria, South Africa, faced with an almost insurmountable task: establish an enterprisewide risk management program for a resources company that deals in the industries of steel, iron ore, coal, base metals and heavy minerals.
Mittal bought out Iscor, South Africa's steel producing colossus that had an extremely advantageous iron ore supply agreement with Kumba.
Kumba Resources, which was spun off from South African steel giant Iscor in 2001, owns more than a billion tons of iron ore reserves (the ore is used almost exclusively to make steel).
Withstanding the rigors of a major transformation in 2004, steel-producer Ispat Iscor became a subsidiary of the world's second-largest steel producer, the LNM Group, which increased its stake in Iscor to above 50%.
SPI serves more than 200 customers in divergent markets including many blue-chip companies and other leading organizations like Iscor, Unisa, Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa, Metro Cash & Carry and Rentmeesters.
Iscor was consolidated from January 1, 2004, following the increase of Mittal Steel's shareholding in this company to a majority.
This could lead Mercedes Benz, with such an important role in South Africa's automotive industry, electing to use aluminium from a modern plant such as Hillside, or Mozal in Mozambique rather than steel from ISCOR or the international markets, even if the production of aluminium does use more energy than steel.
In a contrary way, the price increases have benefited some foreign companies, such as South Africa's Iscor (JSE:ISCOR) (Pretoria, South Africa), who have controlled exports below the protectionist trigger level, but at the same time are doing very nicely with increasing volumes of U.
Kumba Resources, the company demerged from Iscor last year, says it will commit up to $30m in redeveloping the high-grade Kipushi zinc and copper mine situated in war-torn, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).
Its customer base includes many blue-chip companies and other leading organisations including Iscor, the Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa, Unisa, Metro Cash & Carry, University of Cape Town and Rentmeesters.
Verano's Enterprise Link has a long legacy of loyal and satisfied customers, such as Celanese, Iscor Steel and Worsley Alumina, who continue to achieve benefits from real-time visibility of production information.