ISCTInternational Society of Cleaning Technicians
ISCTInternational Society for the Classical Tradition (est. 1991; Boston University; Boston, MA)
ISCTIntegrative Social Contract Theory (business ethics)
ISCTInternational Society for Cell Therapy
ISCTInternational Society of Chen Taijiquan
ISCTInfinite Shanghai Communication Terminals Ltd. (Shanghai, China)
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Mike Rice, BioLife Solutions President & CEO, remarked on the 2015 ISCT conference by stating, "This ISCT conference was a tremendous success for BioLife by any measure.
Since 1992, ISCT has been the leading global forum for developing and supporting innovative cellular therapies through communication, education and training.
By facilitating a dialogue on the issues and implications in a collaborative approach ISCT aims to catalyze a multidisciplinary effort to create a sustainable model for adequate cell therapy reimbursement for US patients.
Mike Rice, BioLife Solutions President & CEO, remarked on the Company's support for ISCT and activities at the 2015 annual meeting by stating, "We are thrilled to once again be a primary sponsor of the ISCT annual meeting.
To address this debilitating condition ISCT has created a progressive forum to unite an expert panel and facilitate in depth, open discussion of whether, and how, cell therapy can meet the unmet needs of these patients.
The ISCT Industry Task Force (ITF), comprising these major corporations along with internationally renowned clinicians and academics in cell therapy translation, rolled out a series of recommendations to re-charter the ISCT Commercialization Committee to drive the creation of forums for discussion of shared concerns on process and product development, business models, and clinical development, and to catalyze the development of consensus standards.
Our presentations at the ISCT Annual Meeting and other conferences will highlight the potential of PLX-PAD as well as our core technology that enables the cost-effective development of cell therapies derived from the human placenta.
At this year's ISCT annual meeting, we continued to see increased adoption of our best-in-class, clinical grade cell and tissue storage and freeze media products, as the critical impact of biopreservation outcomes on commercial viability of new biologic-based approaches is recognized as a key area of process improvement.
This is the ISCT 15th Annual Meeting and it will be held on May 3-6, 2009, at the Sheraton San Diego Hotel and Marina.
In the news release, BioLife Solutions Announces Participation and Additional Product Citations at 19th ISCT Annual Meeting, issued 06-May-2013 by BioLife Solutions, Inc.
BioLife Solutions is committed to supporting continually evolving best practices in biopreservation in transfusion medicine and provides financial support to key scientific influence groups such as AABB, ISCT, the BEST Collaborative, and the Parents Guide to Cord Blood Foundation.
Winnier, was presented at the ISCT Annual Meeting in Sydney, Australia.