ISDCIInternational Society of Developmental and Comparative Immunology
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On the one-year anniversary of April 8 massacre of unarmed residents of Camp Ashraf at the hands of the Iraqi Army, and by the orders of the Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and the Iranian regime, ISDCI along with the families of the residents of Ashraf and supporters of the Iranian resistance remember the day of loss of their loved ones on April 8 of last year, knowing there is still much left to be accomplished as lives of the residents who still live in Ashraf or Liberty are in danger.
ISDCI also calls on US Secretary Clinton to, firstly, uphold her last year's December 25 commitment for a "robust Monitoring" by the U.
It was at the PAG 2003 meeting that OGC formed to prepare the ultimately successful proposal to construct genomic DNA libraries for the Pacific and eastern oysters and, at the summer 2003 ISDCI meeting, that OGC members organized the printing of the first oyster microarray.