ISDMIntegrated Science Data Management
ISDMInformed Shared Decision Making (medicine)
ISDMInternational Society of Deliverance Ministers (Colorado Springs, CO)
ISDMInformation Systems Development Methodologies
ISDMImage Station Digital Mensuration
ISDMIn-Store Digital Media
ISDMInformation Systems Design and Management
ISDMIntegrated Service Delivery Management
ISDMInternational Students Day of Metallurgy
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We are here to help manage people's debt to enable them to have a more comfortable, more productive life," said Yohannes Mazeingia, managing director, ISDM.
This is the first of many such consultancy workshops ISDM intends to hold over the summer months.
Yohannes Mazeingia, the Managing Director of ISDM said, "The lack of stringent credit ratings polices and the culture of consumerism has lead to huge bad debts in the Emirate.
flaws of the ISDM with the issues raised substantively by a broad view
This can be detrimental to an organisation as it leads to poor employee performance and thereby affects competitiveness of the organisation," said Ridwan Ettoubi, senior debt consultant, ISDM.
With the restructuring and negotiation solution, ISDM negotiates with the bank for a reasonable payment solution within the individual's budget.
While a regular charity contribution is ideal, Henna Sohail of ISDM warned that it is critical for donors to determine their capacity to pay before parting with their money.
Henna Sohail, product manager of ISDM, a debt management agency, says relying on credit cards for ordinary purchases is one of the biggest mistakes that people make.
Henna Sohail of ISDM says reducing the cost of starting, operating and closing a business can encourage more women entrepreneurs.
According to ISDM, 75 per cent of debtors are male and the remaining 25 per cent female.
com] is run by a woman, Shaikha Lubna Al Qasimi, Minister of Foreign Trade, proving that the nation is certainly taking a proactive approach to ensure that women get their due place in society," says Henna Sohail, product manager of Dubai-based debt management agency ISDM.
The ISDMs serve as part of the ODOC institutional mental health treatment team to create and implement an individualized treatment plan, including reentry planning for offenders with serious mental illnesses.