ISDN2Integrated Service Digital Network 2
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According to Dataflex, BRI and ISDN2 still have significant market penetration in Europe and the 110x series enables operators to offer new voice and data solutions and maintain the benefits of ISDN.
6 million subscriber lines, 1,311,000 cellular users, 393,000 Internet dial-up subscribers, 240,000 ISDN2 subscribers and 825,000 cable-TV users.
2 Part One: Venture agreement with the subject line telecommunications services (ISD30, ISDN2, Analogue) to provide total 289 votes (40%) voice channel and 5 (+40%) close endpoint on.
90 voice fax modems, ISDN2 terminal adapters and web cameras, to TV & radio for the PC.
For added resilience, fixed link sites have an additional ISDN2 backup data connection to Gourock.
access lines, -- 47% growth in revenues from call management services, -- 33% growth in cellular minutes, -- 99% growth in the number of ISDN2 channels, -- 34% growth in revenues from data and Internet services, -- 39% growth in transit traffic.
The subject of the public contract is the provision of voice and data services ISDN2, HTS, Green Line and INTS KIVS within a period of one year, ie from 28 March 2013 to 31 March 2014.
Free upgrades for customers who already have ISDN2 and BT Highway