ISECOIsrael Economic and Cultural Office (Israeli Embassy in Taiwan)
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The efforts of Ophir Gore, Director of Economic Affairs, ISECO, and Michael Admon, Director of Hi-Tech Department of the Technology Industries Division of Israeli Export & International Cooperation Institute have helped Israeli companies to inaugurate a national pavilion at the Computex Taipei, with Halperin adding, "It represents a shift in attitude of Israeli companies which have fully recognized the importance of the Asian market, and I'm glad that many Israeli firms are displaying advanced technologies and products.
who with their peers registered over 150 meetings with Taiwanese counterparts before the show opening, ISECO says.
Gamzou told CENS that the delivery of Israeli water-supply equipment to the flood-hit areas was a good example of teamwork at ISECO as well as of strong support from the Jerusalem headquarters.
Ophir Gore, director of economic affairs of ISECO, said that there are some major similarities between Israel and Taiwan, such as a small area, lack of natural resources, high pressures from surrounding nations, and lack of acceptance of its sovereignty by other nations.
Indeed, only the required technical help meet the constraints that have been previously identified as part of this project; : 2) the provision of trays and dishes for lunch carts convection or thermostat, : 3) the provision and installation of a traceability system carts, : 4) the acquisition of Park 77 ISECO trucks and associated equipment existing at the CHR, : 5) the supply, installation and commissioning including training in the use of 65 insulated lunch carts 20 levels without technical board for the transport of breakfasts, : 6) providing a system for towing carts.