ISECSInternational Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies
ISECSInternational Symposium on Electronic Commerce and Security
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When ISECS opened in 2005, the majority of startup funds were used to train staff in the IB methodology.
The investment in staff development paid off in 2006, as the Swiss-based IB Organization authorized ISECS to sponsor the Primary Years Programme, and educators from across the country are now visiting the school to learn effective instructional strategies.
Despite the fact that the majority of students come to the school with challenges stemming from low-income and traditionally underserved backgrounds, ISECS teachers believe that every student can learn.
DCSS Board of Education Chairman Windom states, "Watching ISECS transform itself through the hard work of parents, students, the community, and educators has been fulfilling.
Like ISECS, the Pan-American Elementary Charter School (PAES) overcame a difficult beginning to flourish as a school that caters to the needs of its population.
Like ISECS, the Phoenix school considered its student population when developing its curriculum.