ISEEEInstitute for Sustainable Energy Environment and Economy (Canada)
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Calvin, Chairman of ISEEE, former member of the Office of the Chairman of the New York Stock Exchange and former Chairman of the National Stock Exchange, Inc.
Now, more than ever, countries worldwide must work in unison to bring about the reforms necessary to bolster the global economy," said William Foster, ISEEE Director, former Chief Executive Officer of the New Zealand Stock Exchange, and former Chief Operating Officer of the Abu Dhabi Securities Market.
Ted Westerterp, ISEEE Treasurer, former Chief Executive Officer of the European Options Exchange, founder and former Treasurer of the International Options Markets Association (IOMA), and former Netherlands Minister of Foreign Affairs, added, "Who better to help shape the future of international market reform than the top officers of the world's major exchanges, with their unparalleled history of active engagement in the capital market system.
TFDL and ISEEE are critical components in the overall $1.