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ISERAInformation Systems for Environmental & Regional Analysis
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They also did not recognize the 'all eave-o osodi isera a' that was sung at the end of the tugifo.
In addition to the powerful synergies between the ISERA complex scheduling engine and the ENVISAGE Acadis Enterprise Suite, ENVISAGE announced it will soon release additional advanced modules to its core Acadis platform, including capacity planning, student housing, and robust management reporting.
The ISERA software has successfully addressed a core niche in training management for Department of Defense users," said Kurtis Speer, ENVISAGE's Vice President of Business Development.
EMSI is proud to support ISERA in leveraging its mission-critical products into the Federal Government, and we look forward to a long-standing and mutually beneficial partnership with ISERA," said Ed Jones, President of EMSI.
ISERA was founded in 1991 by a team of university professors and experts in the field of Operations Research to create Decision Support Systems.
The move stems from ISERA's considerable growth in the last year and will enable ISERA to continue to add to its talented team of software engineers, sales professionals and administrative personnel.
ISERA creates high-performance scheduling software for public and private organizations.
SANTA BARBARA) ISERA Receives Additional Funds for Corporate Growth
ISERA Group LLC, a privately-held software company that develops state-of-the-art scheduling software for public and private organizations, has just received additional capital to fund its growth from a Colorado-based private equity firm, Mankwitz Kurtz Investments LLC (MKI).
LATH027 06/14/2001 11:00 r f bc-CA-ISERA-Funds-Growth (SANTA BARBARA) ISERA Receives Additional Funds for Corporate Growth