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ISETInternational Symposium on Endovascular Therapy
ISETIndian Society of Earthquake Technology (Roorkee, India)
ISETInformation Systems and Engineering Technology
ISETInstitute for Solar Energy Supply Technologies
ISETIndependent Software Evaluation Test
ISETInformation Services and Educational Technology
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Seismic response of bridges with sliding isolation devices, ISET Journal of Earthquake Technology 35(1-3): 9-27.
This is a new degree to be introduced in Bizerte's ISET while providing adequate training to students and ensuring their recruitment in Enda after their graduation," says Head of the training programme Samia Mnif, adding that the total number of graduates is estimated at 90 over a three-year period.
FISH was used to perform chromosomal analyses on tumor cells collected by using ISET, as well as PCR-based genetic analyses, which can be applied to ISET-isolated cells (24).
It includes a Handspring Visor, a "virtual sticky note" and accepts traditional glass electrodes and non-glass ISET technology pH probes.
19 Sec E 2: Ni 679 (ISET 2, 109; not ISET 1) has the typical "landscape" format of Middle Babylonian exercise texts.
Tenders are invited for Perform reconstruction of the HV 10 kV with installation of reclosers in Iset district of the Tyumen region (10 pcs.
In this connection, a delegation from the Colorado University arrived, on Tuesday afternoon, in Tataouine to discuss components of this co-operation programme with the ISET in renewable energies to be part of the main
Comerota said at ISET 2008, an international symposium on en-dovascular therapy.
Benenati is also program director for ISET (International Symposium on Endovascular Therapy) and is active in educational activities for SIR.
4 This Tender Case Consist Of Multiple Item, Hence Individual Rate Should Be Quoted For Each Iset Of The Schedule And The Inter-Se Ranking Will Be Decided Based On Item-Wise Value.