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ISFInternational Softball Federation
ISFImporter Security Filing
ISFImpôt de Solidarité sur la Fortune (French: wealth tax)
ISFImaging Science Foundation
ISFInternational Seed Federation (Switzerland)
ISFInformation Security Forum (est. 1989)
ISFInternational Shipping Federation
ISFIraqi Security Force
ISFInstitute for Sustainable Futures (Sydney, Australia)
ISFInterstitial Fluid
ISFInternational Science Foundation
ISFInsufficient Funds
ISFIndia Social Forum (World Social Forum)
ISFInternational Ski Federation
ISFIowa State Fair
ISFInformation Systems Frontiers
ISFInternational Sepsis Forum
ISFInternational Snowboarding Federation
ISFI Sådana Fall
ISFIngenieros Sin Fronteras (Spanish: Engineers Without Borders)
ISFIntegrated Social Forestry (Philippines)
ISFInternational Shinto Foundation
ISFInformation Security Foundation
ISFIslamic Salvation Front
ISFIndustrial Space Facility
ISFImperial Smelting Furnace
ISFInformation Strike Force (Navy/Marine Corp Intranet; NMCI)
ISFInterscholastic Surfing Federation (Carlsbad, CA)
ISFIntegrated Support Facility
ISFIntegrative Strategies Forum
ISFInternational School Frankfurt
ISFIngénierie Sans Frontières (French: Engineering Withouth Borders; Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada)
ISFInvestigator Site File
ISFIngénierie Sans Frontières (Engineers Without Borders)
ISFImperial Special Forces (gaming)
ISFInstitute of Soil Fertility (Netherlands)
ISFInvestigative Support & Forensics
ISFIntegration Support Facility
ISFInternational Society of Financiers, Inc.
ISFImport Service Fee
ISFIntelligence Support Facility
ISFIn Service Failure
ISFInfrastructure Support Facilities
ISFIntegrated Support-Fielding
ISFIncome Stabilization Fund
ISFIndividual Share Future (finance)
ISFIndustry Super Fund (Australia)
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has provided $150 million to the Lebanese state in order to train and equip the ISF.
The European Commission said on Monday it has approved 23 national programmes under the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) and the ISF this month.
He revealed that a new and prosperous Pakistan is not far ahead and ISF workers will participate in the March without concern for their lives.
He said that the workers of ISF are performing the responsibility of looking after the IDPs in Bannu, D.
We also extend our thanks and appreciation to our ISF partner, New Zealand, who participated in the ISF from the outset.
Earlier this year, Global Investor/ ISF invited asset management servicing firms to take part in its third annual Middle East Awards.
He further added that ISF had done tremendous work in other cities of the country by making hundreds of thousands of members who would later choose their own party leaders in the coming intra-party elections and would set an example of having true democracy in any party.
Platform ISF simplifies the path to private cloud without forcing lock-in to one particular vendor's configuration and by automating the building of mixed virtual and physical tiers," said Jay Muelhoefer, VP of Marketing at Platform Computing.
The daily said that a group of men attacked the ISF and one of the assaulters told them that he belongs to an "organization" in the area, something which forced the security, again, to step away without achieving anything.
However, as the high threat case mission came to completion, they were again able to serve as instructors and advisors at the battalion level, giving both USF and select ISF leaders a crash course on developing cases against targets that would withstand the scrutiny of a judicial environment.
Shortly after the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri in a massive bombing in Beirut on February 14, 2005--a crime which subsequently caused deep political and sectarian divisions in the country--Major General Ashraf Rifi was named as the new ISF chief, replacing General Ali al Hajj, who was arrested along with three other generals and detained for four years on suspicion of involvement in Hariri's assassination.
Cluster, grid and cloud management software provider Platform Computing announced on Tuesday the availability of the Platform ISF Starter Pack, an out-of-the-box software product and services offering for companies to quickly set up a private cloud.