ISFFIntegrated Surface Flux Facility
ISFFIntergraph Standard File Format
ISFFInternational Student Football Federation
ISFFInternational Science Fiction Federation
ISFFIrina Slutskaya Fan Forum
ISFFIncredibly Strange Film Festival
ISFFInternational Surrealist Film Festival
ISFFIdaho Spent Fuel Facility
ISFFInterior Structural Firefighter
ISFFICSI Speech File Format
ISFFInspector of Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries (UK)
ISFFInternational Sahara Film Festival
ISFFIraqi Security Forces Fund
ISFFInternational Short Film Festival
ISFFInternational Science Film Festival
ISFFIndependent School Fees Fund (UK)
ISFFInternational Student Film Festival
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While ISFF filled the void and bridged this statutory gap, a long-term solution would best support SCOs and U.
Absent ISFF or other special authorities, all OSC-I training and advisory missions involving uniformed military personnel would cease.
No FY 2010 funds have yet to be authorized or appropriated for the ISFF
111-32, 24 Jun 2009, did provide for $1,000,000,000 for the ISFF to remain available through FY 2010.
As the source of funding transitions from coalition-funded ISFF to Iraqi-funded FMS, there are fewer program management and project management requirements on the horizon.
Conducted training on the legal and technical aspects of ISFF execution.
The agreement enables Dexia and the ISFF clients formerly within the Dexia Group to segregate themselves as customers and pursue their own business and IT investment strategy.
As the Deputy J8, Major Seong Templeton (USAF), CDFM (right), oversees the day-to-day operations of the J8 (Forward); works closely with the J8 staff in cross-leveling and validating requirements for ISFF and Foreign Military Financing; and develops action plans for the smooth transition of resource management for USG funds from USF-I to OSC-I.
Each levy request now requires the FMS or Pseudo FMS Case Identifier to be listed on the Levy Exemption Form or, for ISFF DCS, the contract number or Letter of Offer and Acceptance (LOA) number (if used in place of a contract).
The Secretary of Defense may accept contributions to the ISFF from any person, foreign government, or international organization for the purpose of providing the above authorized assistance.
14) The DDR program was funded with certain reprogrammed two-fiscal year FY 2007 ISFF appropriated funds.