ISFOInternational Student and Faculty Office (Northern Illinois University)
ISFOIntegrated Special Forces and Operations (South Africa)
ISFOInternational Stock Futures and Options (Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Ltd.)
ISFOInformation Systems Field Office(s)
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The ISFO control technology is applied to control the rotor-side inverter of DFIG, and the traditional control strategy of pitch system is modified.
When ISFO control technology is adopted in the control unit of rotor-side inverter, the amplitude and frequency of DFIG stator voltage can be controlled by regulating its [i.
Figures 6(h) and 6(i) show that, with ISFO control technology adopted in the control unit of DFIG rotor-side inverter, the actual values of the equivalent stator magnetizing current and the q-axis component of rotor current could be regulated to track their reference values, respectively.