ISFSIIndependent Spent Fuel Storage Installation (storage facility for spent nuclear fuel)
ISFSIInternational Society of Fire Service Instructors
ISFSIIllinois Society of Fire Service Instructors (Elgin, IL)
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first use of the ISFSI developed by INER at Taiwan Power Company's Chinshan Nuclear Station, with rights to use the ISFSI at all nuclear stations in Taiwan
licensing to NAC of any enhancements to the UMS technology in developing ISFSIs for Taiwan.
reactor site ISFSIs, representing about 45 percent of the concrete MCS in storage in the United States.
Firehouse Expo's programs and seminars are arguably the strongest in the industry and we hope to add our own ISFSI programs to the yearly curriculum.
com will add an ISFSI Bulletin Board accessible through its home page at www.
We are fortunate that ISFSI will be able to assist us in the proper training and assessment of these current threats.
The National Association of Emergency Vehicle Technicians (NAEVT) and the ISFSI both hold their annual meetings at the Firehouse Emergency Services Expo which attracts over 10,000 fire service professionals including fire chiefs, deputy fire chiefs, training instructors and firefighters.
4 in Charlotte, specifies that DE&S will provide design, fabrication, project management, technical support and training, licensing, quality assurance and public outreach services related to the development of the ISFSI at ZNPP.