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ISHIInstitute for the Study of Human Issues
ISHIInternational Spiritual Hypnotherapy Institute (California)
ISHIInternational School Health Initiative (World Bank)
ISHIIndustrial Servo Hydraulics Inc. (Fraser, MI)
ISHIIrvine Students Housing, Inc. (University of California, Irvine)
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Like Vizenor in Ishi and the Wood Ducks, Walters asks her readers to recognize that along with the loss of sacred objects and human ancestors comes the loss of the intangible.
Taking into account the current economic situation, the subcommittee agreed that the government no longer needs to support companies with such tax measures,'' said Ishi, a professor at Tokyo's Chuo University.
We are very much aware of the issue of reviewing the road revenues,'' Ishi said.
Professor Ishi is a well-known, specialist on Japanese tax and budgetary policy and his published works, in such organs as the Hitotsubashi Journal of Economics, have brought to a wider audience examples of the 'Japan experience' in economics.
The reappearance of this long-forgotten brain, which surprised even some Smithsonian scientists, has ignited fierce debate over the ethics of the researchers who befriended and studied Ishi.
One could also have made the case to bestow a second Ishi Award for another World Record.
So it will come as a shock to many that the Korean is well above Ishi in the world rankings.
In clear contrast to his predecessor, Ishi, who said an increase in the consumption tax rate would help restore the nation's long-term fiscal health, Honma steered the panel's tax debate toward Abe's pro-growth economic agenda.
Ishi, a professor at Chuo University, was referring to discussions the commission will launch Tuesday to compile a package of tax reform proposals for fiscal 2006 in late November.
He begins by describing his early fascination with Indians while growing up in California by explaining that Ishi was an icon, and every fourth grade student could recount the story of his discovery.
THE preserved brain of Ishi, "the last wild man in America," has been found in a museum warehouse - more than 80 years after it vanished.