ISHMInternational Society for Hybrid Microelectronics
ISHMInfoSearch Media, Inc. (stock symbol)
ISHMIntegrated Systems Health Management
ISHMInternational School of Hydrocarbon Measurement (Norman, OK)
ISHMInternational Society for the History of Medicine (Paris, France)
ISHMInstitute for Safety and Health Management
ISHMIntegrated System for Housing Management
ISHMInternational Symposium on Moisture and Humidity
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Since 2001, George has taught ISHM courses in natural gas sampling, hydrocarbon dew points, and the effects of water vapor on natural gas energy content.
Fennessy, "Concurrent Integration[TM] of Al/SiC MMIC Packages," Proceedings of the 1995 International Symposium on Microelectronics, ISHM, Los Angeles, CA, October 2A-26, 1995, pp.
Occhionero, "Low Cost MCM-D Cavity Substrates for Packaging High Density Silicon and GaAs Devices," Proceedings of the 10th European Microelectronics Conference, ISHM, Copenhagen, Denmark, May 14-17, 1,995, pp.
I attend the AGA TMC (American Gas Association Transmission Measurement Committee) meetings, and also am a committee member for ISHM and AGMSC.
Recently I've seen increased attendance at the major gas and liquid conferences like ISHM and ASGMT It appears that companies now realize they need to focus more effort on getting their employees better educated and are willing to send them to these conferences for training.
He is a fellow of ISHM and a recipient of the ISHM Technical Achievement Award and the ISHM Daniel C.
He is the treasurer of the ISHM Capital Chapter at the University of Maryland and a member of the ASME, SAMPE and IEEE.
I'm also pleased to have been asked to participate and serve in professional organizations like API COPM, ISHM, Pipeliners' Club of Tulsa, Arcadian Measurement School, as well as various customer-sponsored training events.