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In context with the allusion to Lucius's conversion to the Isiac priesthood, the presence of the Isiac priest at Britomart's awakening magnifies Spenser's revision of chastity from Book 3 to Book 5.
73) Finkelpearl accepts the opposition to Lucius' philosophical progress when compared to the Platonic approach to Isiac religion in Plutarch.
19)Some Renaissance translators of Apuleius such as Matte0 Maria Boiardo (1518) and Georges de la Bouthiere (1553) were so offended by the Isiac theophany of book eleven, that they eliminated it, but Beroaldo saw it as the heart of the novel: "The whole of Apuleius is, indeed, full of .
Near the end of the novel following Lucius' retransformation back into human form but before his Isiac initiation, Lucius has a dream in which the chief Isiac priest appears telling him that he has some gifts for him including the return of a slave of his named Candidus.
The Isiac religion respects the state, sees Rome as a holy and eternal city, even as a center for Isiac worship for several centuries past going back to the time of Sulla.
1,2 and 2,3), who criticises those who pretend to attain philosophical truth merely by assuming the external features of Isiac initiates, like a linen dress and a shaven skull (De Iside et Osiride 3, Mor.
employs Apuleius' De deo Socratis in order to correct the satiric reading of the Isiac initiation and show how philosophy, for Apuleius, is related to religious initiation.
suggests a metaphorical association between the Ploiaphesia Festival and Lucius' adventures and hardships in Books 1-10 in terms of a sea journey in stormy weather, which ends through his initiation into Isis' cult in Book 11; against this background, the launching of Isis' ship at the Spring Festival is metaphorically reflected in Lucius' new phase in life as an Isiac initiate.
But in fact Winkler and Harrison are implying something different, that the author has deliberately inserted two opposing points of view, both of which cannot possibly be true, to plant a doubt in our minds about the Isiac interpretation of Lucius' transformation and life.
mentions briefly the folkloric antecedents of the motif of a man who changes into an ass, and the Isiac connotations of the ass (Seth).
He relishes becoming a cynosure when clad in the Twelve Robes of the Isiac initiate, an object of benign attention from the witnessing crowd.
In particular, this is noticeable at the moment of Lucius' Isiac conversion and initiation in Book 11, (3) but wedding imagery is used elsewhere too.