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ISIAHInherited Stress-Induced Arterial Hypertension
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The two children Isiah and Jeremiah rescued were not hospitalized.
Fueled by a deep spirituality, Isiah Hurts delivers thought provoking and relevant messages in his writings, within the media and through his powerful and anointed voice in poetry.
Isiah said he hoped his achievements would inspire some of the young people he works with to do the same.
It was Isiah who brought Marbury, his heavy baggage and his bloated contract to the Knicks.
Mr Young-Sam told the jury of four men and eight women that he watched as one of the aggressors threw a punch at his brother and that, as Isiah had gone to retaliate, he had shouted for them to run.
At a news conference at West Midlands Police headquarters, Detective Superintendent Dave Mirfield said Isiah was brutally assaulted after a group of men emerged from three cars.
I watched and learned from them as well as from Isiah and nowadays from Allen Iverson too.
My birth mother's name was Mary Clarke and my father's name was Isiah Clarke.
JOCKEY Isiah Sala was killed at Marquis Downs in Saskatchewan, Canada on Sunday, when he was trampled by other runners after his mount fell.
A last-minute winner from Isiah Rankin kept Rovers rooted at the bottom of Division One, and broke Aldridge's heart.