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ISIE can hold municipal and regional elections separately or simultaneously, he stated.
Sarsar has, in this context, pointed out that the proposals made by some political parties are now subject to review in the authority's Board and push the ISIE to provide necessary clarifications to political formations and the public opinion on the subject.
The roadmap presented by ISIE also suggests the submission of the draft law on municipal elections to the House of People's Representatives next November 10 and its discussion from November 14.
The test will allow us to see if there are any problems and to fix them so that we can hold elections in the best possible conditions," said ISIE member Larbi Chouika, clearly relieved at the result.
Lists of candidates of political parties, as well as independent candidates, must be handed in to regional commissions of the ISIE across the north African country, where autocratic president Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali was ousted on January 14 after a popular uprising.
He called on the ISIE to proclaim the results as soon as possible and the media "not to participate in this operation.
He welcomed, in this regard, the progress of preparations for the elections "thanks to the will of all parties to contribute to its success, first and foremost the ISIE," he indicated.
The mechanisms of counting demand time," ISIE secretary-general Boubaker Bethabet said in Tunis.
The riots followed the decision by the electoral commission ISIE to disqualify the populist Alridha Chaabiya party (The Popular Petition) in four constituencies, including Sidi Bouzid, over undisclosed financial irregularities and hand the seven seats it would have won to other parties, Ennahda and the center left Congress for the Republic (CPR) being the main beneficiaries.
The court has taken similar steps in recent weeks, cancelling parliament's work on the same electoral body in September, and blocking the appointment of ISIE members this month, accusing lawmakers of not respecting certain procedures.
Sarsar acknowledged hurdles to overcome, including the fact ISIE does not yet have a headquarters and delays to the new electoral law meant to provide a framework for running the ballot.
Preliminary data from ISIE (the state authority responsible for the election) shows that Nidaa Tounes outperformed the Ennahda (Renaissance) Movement in Tunisia's parliamentary elections.