ISIMSIdaho Student Information Management System (2001-2004)
ISIMSIntelligent Security Infrastructure Management Systems (Symbiot, Inc.)
ISIMSInternational Symposium on Interdisciplinary Materials Science (annual conference)
ISIMSInternational Society for Ion Mobility Spectrometry
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The ISIMS Project will provide a centralized, uniform system that includes a host of Web-based resources and tools for education stakeholders, such as a student information management system, including grades, transcripts, and schedules; a curriculum management system; and data analysis for reporting on standardized tests and analyzing school district performance.
Using Netegrity's products, ISIMS will be able to efficiently manage the ever-changing user population and the resources to which they have access.
The ISIMS Project is a tremendous undertaking for the State of Idaho and in order to help ensure the success of the project, they must be able to effectively manage a large, ever-changing population of users and their access to sensitive information," said Stephanie Feraday, vice president of Marketing at Netegrity.
Symbiot's iSIMS provides the ability to highlight the most significant threats from an overwhelming number of security events that occur every day on our customers' enterprise networks," said Michael W.
A subscription to Symbiot's iSIMS includes the hardware, software, service and support for the term of the agreement.
Customers seeking to place an order for Symbiot's iSIMS should visit the company's Web site at http://www.
Symbiot's iSIMS utilizes artificial intelligence to automatically profile network assets and determine the significance of security threats in real-time.
Symbiot's iSIMS running on Xserve G5 creates a compelling value proposition for enterprise customers that want to strike back against network-based attacks.