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ISINInternational Security Identification Number (ISO)
ISINInternational Sustainability Indicators Network (est. 2001)
ISINInternational Securities Identifying Number
ISINInvasive Species Information Node
ISINInternational Society for Invertebrate Neurobiology (est. 1989)
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The ISIN code is a 12-character alpha-numerical code that does not contain information characterizing financial instruments but serves for uniform identification of a security at trading and settlement.
The UAE ISIN consists of two letters and 12 digits, beginning from left to right (AE A0001 0000 01 01 #).
ISIN is basically the only internationally recognised standard that uniquely identifies securities.
In one sense, then, Being Political is an attempt to correct the limitations of the history of citizenship, and the primary way in which Isin tries to make this correction is by distinguishing between citizenship and politics: "being political was not the exclusive domain of being a citizen" (111).
Exemplars of this inscription of Lipit-Ishtar were found in the "southeast area" where Spycket worked (see below) and in earlier campaigns at Isin in an area southeast of the Gula temple.
The existing shares are issued under the permanent ISIN DK 0060542181.
Recent industry discussions have been held within, among others, the Reference Data Coalition (REDAC) and Reference Data User Group (RDUG) Task Forces to use various identifiers (such as LSE's SEDOL) linked to ISIN to achieve more efficient cross-border trading.
0691 ETF ISIN :IE00B23LNQ02 PowerShares FTSE RAFI UK
Hafslund ASA has increased the bond issue FRN Hafslund ASA 2013/2016 ISIN NO 001 0691918, HNA125 by NOK 200 million.
0718 UCITS ETF ISIN :IE00B23D8Z06 PowerShares FTSE RAFI US 1000 UCITS
1171 ISIN :IE00B23LNN70 PowerShares FTSE RAFI Europe UCITS
0502 ISIN :IE00B23D8W74 PowerShares FTSE RAFI Europe UCITS