ISIPInstitute for Signal and Information Processing
ISIPIntegrated Service Improvement Programme (National Health Service; UK)
ISIPInternational Symposium on Information Processing (IEEE)
ISIPIntelligent Storage Interconnect Platform
ISIPIntermediate-Size Inducer Pump
ISIPInitiative for State Infrastructure Protection
ISIPIstation Indicators of Progress (educational assessment software)
ISIPInformation Sharing Integration Platform
ISIPI'm Stuck in Paradise (website)
ISIPIntegrated Signal/Information Processing
ISIPIndonesian Society of Investment Professionals
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For example, States often cite limited data as one of the most common barriers to developing an ISIP The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is working with local agencies to address this issue--a strategy other States might be able to replicate.
Yet their stories--from development to implementation and evaluation--highlight the notion that all States can apply and adapt the ISIP process to their needs.
The Spanish intervention program will fully integrate with the ISIP Espanol assessment.
ISIPS will act as a global clearinghouse for information on sharps injuries and preventive legislation.