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ISJInspectoratul Scolar Judetean (Romanian: County School Inspectorate)
ISJIchthyological Society of Japan (research organization; Tokyo, Japan)
ISJInternet Science Journal
ISJInformation System Journal
ISJIdaho State Journal (magazine)
ISJInside Joke (internet chat)
ISJInvestor Services Journal
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According to the ISJ report, the unconcealed section of Tehran's nuclear program has systematically supported the military section.
Alejo Vidal-Quadras, the President of ISJ and a professor in nuclear physics, as well as the former Vice-President of the European Parliament (1999-2014), announced in this meeting that this non-governmental organ has investigated 10 major subjects of Iran's controversial nuclear program.
ISJ is ready to provide its advice and experience in this regard to the Secretary-General and his representatives.
In other parts, the ISJ report to the Security Council refers to the following points:
After adjusting for the revenue contribution of ISJ, revenue from comparable continuing operations was relatively flat year-to-year.
Tarafdar told ISJ that the newly developed fertiliser is 2-4 times less expensive compared to chemical fertilisers.
The revenue decline is primarily related to the Company's sale of its Intelligent Systems Japan (ISJ) subsidiary in December of 1995; thus the 1996 results do not include a revenue contribution from ISJ.
I don't know who my father is," Sir Paul Nurse told ISJ, "I would like to know who my father is, and jocularly added, "I would like now to have an hour's conversation across the grave of my mother to discuss it.
After adjusting for the ISJ and PsyCare transactions, the quarter-to-quarter comparison would show a 2 percent increase in revenue in the second quarter of 1996 compared to 1995 and an operating loss of approximately $(260,000) in both periods.
The Company also recorded non-operating income of $337,000 on the sale of one-half of the Company's holdings of OrCAD common stock (which had been acquired in the ISJ sale) in OrCAD's recent initial public offering.
Located in Yokahama, Japan, ISJ has been OrCad's exclusive Japan reseller since 1990, selling and supporting OrCAD's desktop electronic design automation (EDA) software.
Harrington, who has led ISJ for five years, will remain as president of