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ISLIceland (ISO Country code)
ISLIslamabad (Pakistan)
ISLIndependent School League
ISLInter-Switch Link (Cisco)
ISLInstitute of Shipping Economics and Logistics
ISLIntelligent Systems Laboratory
ISLInformation Systems Laboratory
ISLIn-Situ Leaching (Uranium mining)
ISLInitial System Loader
ISLInverse Square Law (physics)
ISLIntersatellite Link
ISLIntegrated Systems Laboratory
ISLInternational School of Lausanne (Lausanne, Switzerland)
ISLInteractive System Language
ISLIndustrial Security Letter
ISLInternational School of Luxembourg
ISLInternet Solutions Limited (Canada)
ISLInstitute of State and Law
ISLIntermediate Silicon Layers
ISLIndividual Stop Loss (insurance industry)
ISLIntegrated Schottky Logic
ISLIndeterminate Sentence Law (California)
ISLIntegrated Sidelobe Level
ISLIn Silico Liver
ISLInstallation Sequence List
ISLInside Skin Line
ISLIndustrial Safety Legislation
ISLInitial/Integrated Stock List
ISLIntersite Link
ISLInbucon Services, Ltd. (Canada)
ISLItem Study Listings
ISLIMO ShortList (International Mathematical Olympiad)
ISLIsospin Facility
ISLIntegrated Services Lab (Sprint - Ion Lab)
ISLInter-Shelter LAN
ISLIce Strengthened Lifeboat
ISLIntegral Senior Living, LLC (senior care residential facilities; Carlsbad, CA)
ISLInvestment Services Limited
ISLIsland Soccer League (Bermuda)
ISLInternational Student Life (various schools)
ISLImpact on Student Learning (various organizations)
ISLInformation Systems Limited (various locations)
ISLIndoor Soccer League (various locations)
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For the half year ended, ISL posted profit after tax (PAT) at Rs2.
I League, as AIFF states, remains country's primary league while the IMG- Reliance- run ISL, slated for November later this year, has been expanded to a 10- team format.
As DHL Express gets behind ISL, it celebrates our commitment to football, as well as the many similar values the sport has with DHL such as a speed, passion, teamwork and a can-do spirit.
Mabel Erasmus' (2011) study of her experiences hosting study abroad and ISL students from the United States at the University of the Free State in South Africa is one of the few exceptions.
In 2010, Blatter suppressed a Swiss legal finding that both Havelange and Teixeria had received bribes from ISL.
ISL Online's efforts and investment in the fast development in this area has continued, so in early February 2015 ISL Online team received an invitation from the South Korean office to present their software solutions at this year's CeBIT.
Second, during the process of ISL handover packets will be dropped, which is caused by the non-convergent state of routing protocols.
ISL, a partner organisation of world football's governing body collapsed with debts of around $300 million in 2001.
weeks with its lawyers and legal team to be able to publish the ISL file at
When Auckland-based ISL Industrial acquired a smaller, complementary importer/distributor two years ago, they were introduced to Accredo accounting software - and liked what they saw.
He served as a tri-captain of this spring's baseball team that went 150 in the Independent School League to earn its first ISL Championship since 1992.
On trial were six former executives from ISL and its parent company ISMM facing charges of criminal mismanagement; the court heard of how ISL regularly paid bribes to high-ranking sports officials in return for lucrative broadcast and other rights contracts.