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ISLAMI Self Lord and Master
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He stressed that that's the respect and honour which Islam provides to women.
LivXia's husband Abdullah was also student of IIUI and during the course of study embraced Islam form Buddhism some years back.
Following the defection of Islam Alloush, Jeish al-Islam has now lost his second top commander after Zaharn Alloush, the group's top commander, was killed in 2015.
After the establishment of the Islamic Republic, enemies of human societies--not just the enemies of Islam--began to confront Islam as something that is a source of growth for human societies.
After discussing the core elements of Islam and democracy, in the second chapter, the author analyzes cultural diversity which is a significant constituent of any civilization or society.
Some Arab nationalists present Islam as an Arab religion, arguing that the Prophet Muhammad was an Arab and that the Quran was revealed in the Arabic language; some Turkish nationalists, on the other hand, respond to this argument noting that the Turks served Islam better.
It is now time to wonder how Sunni Islam has become an ideology that legitimizes shameful practices.
The fiercest enemy of Islam is an ignorant Muslim who banks on his ignorance to distort the true image of Islam, added Sheikh Sudais.
Adding, she said the department provides new Muslims with all facilities needed to help them truly embrace Islam, officially authenticate their conversion, and reply to all their queries about the teachings of the new religion.
On the other side are those who cannot, or do not try to, distinguish between Islam the religion and Islamism, a political ideology, which Mansur described as "fascistic and totalitarian in impulse and language.
The reason is this: One part of the West believes that all the problems in the Middle East stem from Islam and want to more or less overtly remove Islam from the Middle East; however, the more they remove it, the worse the turmoil in the Middle East.
The state prosecution authority ordered the detention of Islamist preacher and TV anchor Abu Islam on Sunday, in order to investigate him on charges of contempt of Christianity.