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ISMAInternational Securities Market Association
ISMAInternet Streaming Media Alliance
ISMAInternational Sports Medicine Association
ISMAInhibit Sense Multiple Access (Transmission Protocol)
ISMAInternational Ship Managers Association
ISMAInternational Symposium on Mechatronics and its Applications (IEEE)
ISMAInternational Snowmobile Manufacturer's Association
ISMAInternational Ship Masters' Association
ISMAISC Management Activity
ISMAInsurance Marketplace Standards Association
ISMAImproved Satellite Multi-Channel Antenna
ISMAInformation Systems Management Activity/Agency
ISMAIntegrated Service Management Architecture (Sprint)
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According to Ed Klim, President of ISMA, "it is important our customers know their fuel selection is important.
The open-standards approach of ISMA is intended to reduce costs for streaming media customers by allowing them to select solutions from multiple vendors and better tailor system purchases to fit their budgets and needs," said Tom Jacobs, president, ISMA.
We are absolutely delighted to see the long cooperation and mutual admiration between ISMA and MPEGIF result in this agreement.
The ISMA avoids risks associated with adding amendments directly to groundwater, as remedial amendments are contained within the unit; an added benefit being injection permits are not typically required.
An executive summary of the ISMA survey is available via SM Online.
Formally known as ISMA Encryption and Authentication Version 2.
ISMA is an organization representing the four manufacturers of snowmobiles.
With the sizeable non-member response to the 4,300 questionnaires that were sent, the results also can be seen as reflecting the IPTV market in general, according to Yuval Fisher, ISMA director and chief scientist at Envivio, Inc.
This contract is a contract for the provision of services relating to the operation and maintenance of the incineration of household waste Villejust property of ISMA of the Chevreuse Valley.
An ISMA spokeswoman said: "This figure is shocking.
SAN FRANCISCO -- ISMA has opened a public review period for ISMACryp 2.
This contract is to achieve the benefits of collection and treatment of hazardous household waste stored in 16 cabinets spread over the territory of ISMA and waste treatment activities involving infectious risks (HCW) on site waste disposal Villejust