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ISMOInformation Systems Missions Order
ISMOImplicit Space Mapping Optimization
ISMOIntensive Support Mutual Obligation (job search)
ISMOInformation Systems Management Order
ISMOInformation Systems Management Office
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Director General Planning and Development Pak-Turk International Schools and Colleges Turgut Puyan and Chairman ISMO Organizing Committee and Deputy Director Education Mustafa Yilmaz presented shields to Minister of State Engineer Mohammad Baligh-ur-Rehman and Principal Sadiq Public School Prof Nauman Ahmad Qureshi.
ISMO is an excellent event to promote Science and Mathematics", he added.
50,000 while the top position holder student of class 8th would be awarded with title of 'Al-Khwarzmi of Pakistan' which will remain with him until 10th ISMO, scheduled next year.
The top three position holders will get cash prizes of Rs 30 thousand to Rs 50 thousand while the top position holder student of class 8th would be awarded with the title of 'Al-Khwarzmi of Pakistan' which will remain with him until the 10th ISMO scheduled next year.
The ISMO Team plan to hold such events on national level which will also help realizing goal to bring a change in the attitude of students towards mathematics.
All the students of government and private schools from Rawalpindi and Islamabad can take part in ISMO 2012, said a statement issued here on Tuesday.
After building a drug development group, BMCT sales and marketing launched its first commercial product, ISMO for chronic stable angina, followed in 1994 by DEMADEX, a loop diuretic for the treatment of edema associated with congestive heart failure.
In 2012, ISMO will be arranged on national level where participation of more than 10,000 students is expected.
De hecho, en el marco del debate sobre La deshumanizacion del arte, de Ortega y Gasset, surgieron en la literatura y el arte espanol de la epoca tanto tendencias deshumanizadoras (los ismos de las vanguardias mas conocidas) como humanizadoras (el Nuevo Romanticismo).
Cuales son las modernidades, ismos o mexicanismos que se convirtieron en neo?
He was released from prison in 1992 on medical grounds, moving first to Moscow, where he became CEO of ISMOS Trading, then to Cyprus to head up Rim Investment Management and FMC Securities in Cyprus.
Otros, como "El retrato perdido", senalan el particular valor asignado por Ramon a la obra de Diego Rivera que desde los anos de Ismos, con su articulo "Riverismo"--recogido en Ismos en 1931 y publicado inicialmente con el mismo titulo en el numero 2 de Sur, en otono de ese ano--fue el punto de partida para nuevas reflexiones sobre arte, en particular, sobre el cubismo.