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ISMPIntegrated Systems Management Processor
ISMPInformation Services Market Place
ISMPInternational Society of Marine Painters, Inc. (Puryear, TN)
ISMPIrrigation Systems Management Project
ISMPInternational Software Metrics Symposium
ISMPInternational Security Master Plan
ISMPISF (Information Strike Force) Service Management Plan
ISMPInformation Security Management Program
ISMPInstallShield MultiPlatform
ISMPInformation Security Management Practice
ISMPInstitute for Safe Medication Practices
ISMPInternational Society of Meeting Planners
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ISMP Canada incorporates learning from incidents such as those described above into its self-assessment programs, to facilitate enhancement of medication-use systems.
ISMP Canada is an independent national not-for-profit organization committed to the advancement of medication safety in all health care settings.
After identifying "at-risk" groups, ISMP suggests increased monitoring, such as pulse oximetry and/or capnography, with continued assessment of vital signs and alertness (5).
As the nation's only not-for-profit organization of physicians, nurses and pharmacists dedicated exclusively to safe medication practices, ISMP views Gold Standard's MEDcounselor modules as a valuable tool for empowering consumers to make informed medication decisions and becoming more engaged in their care," said Michael R.
ISMP found 173 serious events describing accidental injuries, including 77 cases of falls and 28 traffic accidents, and identified the potential causes of these events, such as dizziness or loss of consciousness.
ISMP represents more than 30 years of experience in helping healthcare practitioners keep patients safe, and continues to lead efforts to improve the medication use process.
The ISMP published a list of error-prone abbreviations that is more extensive than the Joint Commission's list.
I was very pleased that the author used appropriate abbreviations and introduced the readers to ISMP and other groups that are working to make the medical profession safer.
The project builds on the work in 2002 of HRET, ISMP and the American Hospital Association to develop Pathways for Medication Safety--a series of tools designed to help healthcare organizations reduce medical errors through practical steps.
The ISMP has seen cases of misinterpreted abbreviations that have been typed in addition to those that were handwritten, he added.
To reduce the risk of errors, the ISMP recommends the following:
Since 1999, the AHA and the Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) have been working to improve medication safety within hospitals, beginning with the national distribution of the ISMP Medication Safety Self Assessment tool.