ISNAPInstitute for Structure and Nuclear Astrophysics (University of Notre Dame, IN)
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One of the requirements for nurses who are in monitoring with ISNAP is that they see an addictionist every three months.
ISNAP has therefore started utilizing nurse practitioners and clinical nurse specialists who have a background in chemical dependency treatment.
ISNAP is in process of creating a training video to make available state wide.
Submitted an RFP for a continued contract with the State of Indiana to provide the ISNAP program.
When employers retain or hire an ISNAP nurse, they have a nurse with an identified risk who is closely monitored, including random drug testing and a work-site monitor.
Though the Recovery Monitoring Agreement (RMA) imposes firm boundaries or restrictions on the ISNAP participants' nursing practice, they need not dissuade employers from hiring nurses in ISNAP.
Reviewed Annual Meeting Evaluation Summary, Annual Meeting CNE summary, and ISNAP CNE Summary
The day ended with four ISNAP participants who shared their stories of addiction and recovery.
All income over expenses for the workshop will go to the Needs Assistance Fund to help ISNAP participants with some of the costs of urine drug screens.
ISNAP 3rd Annual Workshop, Indianapolis-October 16, 2009
Transferred income over expenses from the ISNAP Workshop on October 3, 2008 to the Needs Assistance Fund.
Ernest Klein, Executive Director, reviewed his written report and the written ISNAP report.