ISNIEInternational Society for New Institutional Economics
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2001): "Independent Regulation and Telecommunications Performance in Developing Countries", ISNIE Conference on Institutions and Governance, Berkeley, CA, USA.
We are grateful to Max Albert, Vanessa Mertins, Dieter Schmidtchen, Teodor Sedlarski and the participants of the conference Economic Transformations in Transition Countries (20-22 September 2006, Golden Sands, Bulgaria) as well as the 11th ISNIE conference (21-23 June 2007, Reykjavik, Iceland), participants at seminars at Saarland University (July 2006) and Justus-Liebig-University (June 2007) and the anonymous reviewer for comments on earlier versions of this paper.
Helpful comments and suggestions were provided by Christopher Clague, Philip Keefer, Robert Klitgaard, anonymous referees, and seminar participants at George Mason University, the 1999 ISNIE Conference, the 2000 Public Choice Society meetings, and the 2000 American Political Science Association annual meetings.