ISNNInternational Symposium on Neural Networks
ISNNInternet Security News Network (video webcast; AT&T)
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AT&T ISNN is exclusively available to subscribers of the company's flagship alerting and monitoring service, AT&T Internet Protect(SM).
AT&T ISNN is designed to help users understand potential threats and to help them better protect themselves.
Businesses and government entities need a variety of sources of information to be alerted to emerging threats and AT&T ISNN is one source of information with industry-leading experts regarding potential threats.
7 or later Scanning Utility ScanRouter Lite Fax Function and Features Type G3 Transceiver Optional Second Line G3 or G4 Circuit PSTN, PBX, optional ISNN Resolution 200 X 200 dip; 200 x 100 dpi Speed Approx .