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ISNTIllinois Soil Nitrogen Test
ISNTInstitute for the Study of the Neurologically Typical
ISNTIndian Society for Nondestructive Testing (materials)
ISNTInterscan for Nt (Trend Micro)
ISnTIntegrating Services and Technology Program (SHARE, Inc; Chicago, IL)
ISNTIn Situ Nick Translation
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Advantages of ISNT: ISNT assay could identify spermatozoa that contain variable and appreciable levels of endogenous DNA damage.
ISNT condensed procedure effectively correlates the DNA damage with semen quality.
Safehouse"), a Nevada corporation whereby ISNT will acquire 100% of the stock of Safehouse for $1,500,000 in cash, a $1,500,000 note, 20,000,000 shares of its Series C Convertible Preferred Stock convertible into 20,000,000 shares of ISNT Common Stock, and an agreement to provide working capital for future research and product development.