ISO-NEIndependent System Operator New England, Inc. (Holyoke, MA)
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Freedom Energy Logistics is working with its customers one-on-one to encourage them to take advantage of the "direct-to-grid" purchasing process based on those policy changes at ISO-NE.
PJM and ISO-NE capacity payments will represent 25% of the combined company's gross margin in 2015 compared to 11% currently as a result of quadrupling the size of the PJM fleet and increasing the size of the New England fleet seven-fold.
In our view, electric generators are not getting a price signal out of ISO-NE to make it worthwhile for them to sign up for firm capacity.
Both ISO-NE and NEPOOL provided for earlier clearing of the day-ahead energy market and earlier completion of the initial Reserve Adequacy Analysis (RAA).
Lastly, ISO-NE agreed to give utilities a few extra hours of warning on the day prior to an expected emergency so they could make better decisions on purchases of gas in the spot market.
The ISO-NE winter reliability program has been effective, and the efficiency and gains in renewables have been "impressive," said Marcia Bloomberg, an ISO-NE spokeswoman.
ISO-NE, which operates New England's power grid, estimates gas-fired plants, which now provide 23 percent of the region's power, could account for 45 percent of the region's power by 2004.
That's the amount that ISO-NE, the agency that runs the New England power grid, agrees to pay every February to a generator for a commitment to sell power three years down the road, if needed during crunch time, when it's very hot or very cold.
Power company GenConn Energy reported on Tuesday that its 200 megawatt peaking power plant at NRG Energy Inc's Middletown Station is operational and participating in the ISO-NE markets.
Mandatory: Provide support services for current and future demand response assets enrolled and to be enrolled by the State of Rhode Island in the Forward Capacity Market or other appropriate ISO-NE market.
This not only put ISO-NE in a "precarious operating position," but drove gas spot prices to $80 MMBtu at one point--triple what it was during the warmer winter of 2012.