ISO9000Quality Assurance System developed by the International Organization for Standardization
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The ISO9000 Standards Collection will be of interest to anyone responsible for implementing, maintaining or auditing a QMS to the ISO9000 series, whether their system is in its infancy or well established, including:
Company-wide commitment to ISO9000 has led to many more benefits than initially anticipated.
13 /PRNewswire/ -- All European sites of Delphi Automotive Systems will be certified to ISO9000 by the end of 1995.
The DePaul ISO9000 Collaborative provided our company with the foundation, structure and guidance needed to develop our Quality System and obtain our ISO 9000 certification.
HID first received ISO9000 certification on June 1, 1999, ISO9001:2000 certification on June 1, 2002, and has been continuously certified while they maintain focus on continuous process improvements for the company's entire iCLASS 13.
It extends our ability to compete both domestically and abroad, where ISO9000 certification is mandatory for many buyers," said Dowdell.
Reliability forged on a strong foundation of TQM, ISO9000 certification, LEAN workflow and internal controls based on best practice.
Created in 1987, ISO9000 is a set of five international systems standards for quality management and quality assurance governed by the International Standards Organization headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.
DARVICO is ISO9000 - 2000 Registered and complies with all applicable ASME code requirements.
Supplier to the cable satellite industry, operates a state of the art ISO9000 Certified factory in China, corporate headquarters in Florida close to major distribution channels.
The system will also meet the requirements of the authorities and support ISO9000.