ISOFInternational Society of Ocular Fluorophotometry
ISOFInternational Society of Franchising
ISOFInstitute for Schools of the Future (New York, NY)
ISOFIraqi Special Operations Forces
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The changes placed the 4,100-strong ISOF responsible for counter-terrorism directly under the PM's command.
In one location of Sadr city from where US troops have already pulled out, the ISOF has already started settling scores by sweeping through neighbourhoods and kidnapping people.
The 2006 ISOF conference chair and proceedings editor, Andrew Terry, a professor at the University of New South Wales in Australia, and the ISOF executive director, Cheryl R.
IFA members are cordially invited to stop by and attend any of our sessions on Saturday, March 6 or Sunday, March 7 at the MGM Grand and visit with ISOF members.
ISOF provides a means for professors who are interested in franchising to discuss relevant teaching and research methodologies.
Danny Wong, president of ISOF, a majority-owned subsidiary of StockerYale, in the development of a new class of specialty optical fiber and components.