ISOMInformation Systems and Operations Management
ISOMInternational Symposium on Optical Memory
ISOMInternational School of Ministry (San Bernardino, CA)
ISOMInternational Seminar on Macroeconomics
ISOMInternational Society for Orthomolecular Medicine
ISOMIsenberg School of Management (University of Massachusetts)
ISOMInternational Symposium on Mechatronics (conference)
ISOMIsland South of Miami (Cuba, used when discussing cigars online)
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The defining features of the ISOM conference series can be established by comparison to four other ongoing macroeconomic conference series with regular publication outlets.
Although antedating the NBER macro conference, the ISOM shares its emphasis on frontier research topics.
Including the forthcoming 1991 conference, exactly 100 papers have been presented at the ISOM since its founding.
The core issues of international monetary adjustment have always been high on the ISOM agenda, but there has been a shift in emphasis.
The years of the ISOM witnessed the failure of the European unemployment rate to follow U.
In response, the focus of the ISOM turned from international monetary issues to the problems posed by the forthcoming integration of Europe in 1992, concentrating on issues raised by imperfect competition and barriers to mobility in factor markets.
The ISOM has always fostered comparative empirical research.
The ISOM will continue to explore the most important issues in international monetary and real economics, and will continue to encourage more economists to engage in comparative research that illuminates the many puzzles in the divergent evolution of industrial economies.
1) A summary of the ISOM conference proceedings appears annually in the fall issue of the NBER Reporter.
3) In keeping with out division of responsibilities, I have written this report to the NBER community on the activities of the ISOM, with helpful input and suggestions from de Menil and Feldstein.