ISONGInternational Society of Nurses in Genetics
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ISONG is a specialty nursing organization dedicated to caring for people's genetic health through excellence in the provision of genetic health care services by fostering the professional and personal growth of nurses in human genetics.
ISONG has, in conjunction with the American Nurses Association, developed and promulgated the Scope and Standards of Genetics in Clinical Nursing Practice.
ISONG President Plans to Strengthen Nursing Relationships
Several members were presented with the ISONG Founders Awards by the immediate past-present, Debra Schutte, PhD, RN.
It is the position of ISONG that professional nurses will:
A "buddy" system will be launched at the ISONG conference in November.
ISONG members contributing to this book include Amy Strauss Tranin, Jean Jenkins, and Agnes Masney as co-editors and the following contributors: Kathy Calzone, Karen Greco, Dale Halsey Lea, Mira Lessick, Lois Loescher, and Suzanne Mahon.
For more information on ISONG, visit the Web site at http://www.
The ISONG palliative care community is doing a service project in conjunction with the annual meeting.
ISONG was well represented by 8 to 10 members attending the symposium.
Clinicians, such as nurses in the fields of oncology, cardiology, and diabetes, identify individuals at increased risk for disease due to inherited predisposition (Fibison, 1983; ISONG, 1998; Sahin, 1976; Skirton, Barnes, Curtis, & Walford-Moore, 1997).
Both the APNG and the GCN are awarded upon successful completion of a professional portfolio that is scientifically evaluated using carefully designed rating scales based upon criteria defined in the ISONG Standards published by the International Society of Nurses in Genetics, Inc.