ISOOInformation Security Oversight Office (US)
ISOOInternational Society of Ocular Oncology (Philadelphia, PA)
ISOOInternational Society of Online Ophthalmologists
ISOOInternational Organization for Standardization Online
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GAO reviewed ISOO's reports and agency documentation on changes implemented and controls in place, and interviewed security program managers at DOJ, its components, and ISOO to examine these issues.
Leonard, the former ISOO director, said this sort of information was improperly shared by officials through insecure channels more frequently than the public may realize, although more typically within the unsecured .
Leonard was director of ISOO, part of the White House's National Archives and Records Administration, from 2002 until 2008, and worked for both the Bill Clinton and George W.
Agencies are treated separately, for just the small section on this ISOO provision.
What is different is, regarding that small section of this ISOO office, that they are not subject to those -- they are subordinate to the sole enforcer of the EO, which is the President of the United States, and they are not subject to such investigation -- as I understand it, as I read the EO and as I had preliminary discussions in between the gaggle and today.
In the EO, as well, the ISOO does have the capability to go to the Department of Justice and ask for an opinion, of which they have done.
And I think that the ISOO office has had only a complaint about the Vice President's office, not about other places within the executive branch.
PERINO: It might not have been clear to them, and I don't know all the discussions that they had back and forth between the Vice President's office and ISOO.
But on the other hand, again, the Vice President and the President are not covered by the ISOO.
MR SNOW: This is something that the ISOO is responsible for overseeing.
The ISOO figured that the government spent some $4.
The group includes senior government security officials from the State and Justice departments, the military services, NSA, CIA, NRO, OPM, Energy, DIA, DoD, ISOO, FEMA, and the White House Military Office.