ISOPInternational Society of Pharmacovigilance
ISOPIncentive Stock Option Plan
ISOPInternational Society of Protistologists
ISOPInfantile Scoliosis Outreach Program (Denver, CO)
ISOPInvitation to Submit Outline Proposals (procurement term)
ISOPInsurance Company of the State of Pennsylvania
ISOPInternational Symposium on Photochromism (conference)
ISOPIrredundant Sum-Of-Products
ISOPInternational Seismological Observing Period
ISOPInternational Society of Ophthalmic Pathologists
ISOPIT Standards Oversight Panel
ISOPInternal Standard Operating Procedure(s)
ISOPInternational Series of Poker (various locations)
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The projected 12 million kWh in energy savings through ISOP is equivalent to the average annual electricity use of more than 1,000 single-family homes in the U.
A complete nomination package is available from Waters and the ISOP and should include a letter of nomination, a full curriculum vitae and list of publications and at least two letters of support for the nomination.
Heather and her brother -- internationally known snowboarder Marc Frank Montoya -- are hoping to raise awareness and money for ISOP through events such as THE BLOCK PARTY.
This event is going to bring hope to Olivia and thousands of other children and families who face the same challenge," said Heather Hyatt, founder and program coordinator of ISOP.
Montoya, co-owner and co-founder of THE BLOCK, said all proceeds raised at the event will go ISOP.
Callan Carpenter, Silicon Metrics president and CEO, said, "SiliconSmart OMC's ISOP models accurately represent factors that affect chip performance, such as on-chip voltage variations (IR drops) and significant temperature gradients, and provide this information directly to OLA-enabled design tools for further analysis.
ISOP models remove 15 to 25 percent of the pessimism in cell transition delay (called slew rate or slew) typically found in static models.
We are very excited to see the level of interest in SiliconSmart TSO's ISOP handling," said Callan Carpenter, president and CEO of Silicon Metrics.
Other classes of IsoPs can be formed in vivo by free radical catalyzed peroxidation of fatty acids such as eicosapentanoic or docosahexanoic acid (9-11).