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ISPIInternational Society for Performance Improvement
ISPIInternational Society for Pest Information (Germany)
ISPIInternational Standard Party Identifier (media content identification system)
ISPIInstitute for the Study of Privacy Issues (Canada; est. 1997)
ISPIInternational Strategy and Policy Institute (est. 1994; Chicago, IL)
ISPIIllinois State Psychiatric Institute (Chicago, IL)
ISPIIntegrated Systems Processes and Infrastructure
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ISPI will work together with EIM's clinical certifications, residencies, fellowship, and continuing education curriculum, offering their vast pain sciences curriculum.
This implies that owning an interest in a UTP that provides services to an LTP is susceptible to ISPI characterization, even though the LTP does not, itself, own specified assets.
23) Philip Robins, "Between the EU and the Middle East: Turkish Foreign Policy under the JDP Government, 2002-2007", ISPI (Istituto per gli Studi di Politica Internazionale) Working Paper--11, 2007, [www.
Founded in 1962, ISPI is the leading international association dedicated to improving workplace productivity and performance.
JE: Can you explain the ISPI for people who may not be familiar with it?
The JetBlue AME Certification Program is a four-month long performance-based programme which uses applied learning opportunities, ISPI said.
In addition, complete disposition of an ISPI would also be treated as ordinary income/(loss).
A preliminary case report examined the use of ISPI in two patients with late-stage melanoma.
Our ISPI definition is relatively broad and covers a wide range of innovative activity within IS development.
To the extent that the net income received with respect to the ISPI would be treated as ordinary, any net loss allocated to that interest would be an ordinary loss.
From their alliance, ASTD, ISPI and HPC have often discovered that training, beyond requisite skills instruction, is not the primary cause of performance deficiencies.
Ruth Clark, president, Clark Training and Consulting, past president, ISPI