ISPRCInstitute for the Study and Promotion of Race and Culture (Boston College; Boston, MA)
ISPRCInternal Scientific Peer Review Committee (Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center; University of California, Los Angeles)
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The general goals of the ISPRC are to (a) promote the assets of various racial and cultural groups; (b) use theory, research, and psychoeducational interventions to demystify societal conflicts associated with race and ethnic culture in national, regional, and societal domains; (c) solicit, design, and disseminate effective interventions with a proactive, pragmatic focus; and (d) promote nationwide collaboration between professionals and laypersons interested in fostering harmonious racial and cultural environments.
In keeping with the goals of the ISPRC, each year the Diversity Challenge staff selects an unresolved racial or cultural issue whose resolution would benefit local and national racial and cultural groups as well as societies around the world.