ISQIInternational Software Quality Institute (Potsdam, Germany)
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All such models so far have failed to earn more than one star in the ISQI rankings.
Consider the following example of a placeholder posted in the ISQI Team Room:
meetings by the ISQI team to organize specific TQM events or projects) and used the genre system deliberately to focus attention and coordinate action around that specific purpose.
For example, one member of the ISQI team explained that "some of these incomplete documents stem from projects that were put on the back burner.
Interviews with ISQI team members suggested that the three team members, though representing two hierarchical levels, were not very hierarchical in their work styles.
The issue of who initiated certain genres, and thus, certain genre systems, had more significance in this group where interpersonal tensions were more evident and where the group worked less as a team than did the ISQI team.
For example, the ISQI team often used the meeting genre system around its regular team meetings.
For example, a member of the ISQI group explained that another member, initially reluctant to use Team Room rather than e-mail for much of the team's communication, had changed his view by the end of the most active period of use, "he got why we were doing this because it was so valuable to go back in and have one place where that stuff was held.
A member of the ISQI team noted that usage of Team Room
The same ISQI member talked of another Team Room with distributed members that was never used successfully because people simply did not respond to drafts or placeholders posted in it-that is, they did not use the electronic space to construct a shared place for their team activities.
For example, the Team Room architecture made it easy for the ISQI team to go beyond the core group to include a large number of peripheral members who might participate in the planning of TQM programs to the extent they wished ("who/m"), a deliberate decision made when they set up the Team Room.