ISREInterferon Stimulated Response Element
ISREIstituto Superiore Regionale Etnografico (Italian: Regional Institute of Ethnography)
ISREInternational Society for Research on Emotions
ISREInternational Symposium on Requirements Engineering
ISREInstitute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity
ISREInformation Security Risk Evaluation
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Delivery will take place on all the sites of the department of isre (about 250 delivery addresses).
Contract notice: number of the consultation a18-thr-mp-001 manual cleaning and laying of cold asphalt on the road dependencies managed by the department of isre on the territory of the haut rhne dauphinois
Contract notice: rn90 - left bank diversion at montgalgan - development on the right bank of the isre
award of a single contract including in particular the following quantities: - cofferdam in the isre, - demolition of an oa with 5 spans for 120 ml, - riprap: 15 000 m 3 , - embankment: 4 000 m 3 , - piles diameter 1100: 212 ml, - concrete c30 / 37: 620 m 3 , - steel frame: 318 t, - steel ha: 150 t, - concrete c35 / 45: 320 m 3 , - gb + bb: 600 t.
Contract notice: Provision of video projection and videoconference equipment for the department of isre
Contract notice:supply of videoprojection and videoconferencing equipment for the department of isre
Contract notice: studies, inventories or monitoring of the fauna, flora and habitats of sensitive natural areas and parcels of the department of isre