ISRICInternational Soil Reference and Information Centre
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La planification de l'AIPT a commence en 2000; douze-organisations--IUGS, IUGG, IGU, AGI, INQUA, AAPG, ILP, IUSS, ISRIC, GSL, TNO, et l'AIPG--ont pris part aux premiers efforts d'organisation de cette annee speciale pour les sciences de la terre et sont devenues des Fondateurs Associes.
Soils of the Eerika and Ahja sampling areas are Stagnic Albeluvisols, with loamy sand topsoil and loamy subsoil (FAO, ISRIC & ISSS 1998; Kolli 2002).
International Soil Reference and Information Centre; ISRIC (Online at: www.
1994; ISRIC 1995), following the methods of the ISRIC (1995); active carbonate (calcium carbonate extractable with ammonium oxalate) determined according to AFNOR (1982).