ISRMInstitute of Sport and Recreation Management
ISRMInternational Society for Rock Mechanics
ISRMInformation Security Risk Management
ISRMInformation Systems Risk Management
ISRMIn Situ Rate Monitor (Mirra)
ISRMInstrumentation System Requirement Memorandum
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Draft ISRM suggested method for the complete stress-strain curve for intact rock in uniaxial compression.
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The test procedure, necessary test equipment and the calculation for the deformation modulus is based on measured results presented in detail in ISRM (1979).
1981: ISRM suggested methods: Rock characterization, testing and monitoring.
So far, many publications on ISRM risk management and standards are reported in [3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11, 12,13,14,15,and 16].
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Mark Dunstan, regional manager for KAL, said: "Public safety is of vital importance and all KAL centres operate under the ISRM (Institute of Sport and Recreation Management) guidelines to ensure health and safety procedures are met.
Both pools are among the first in the country to get the ASA and ISRM stamp of approval for parent-friendly policies including baby swimming classes, good changing-rooms, pool temperatures and swimpant guidelines.
To understand the geotechnical properties, the various tests of sandstone of study area were performed as per ISRM methods (1980).