ISRNInternational Standard Technical Report Number
ISRNInternet Signal Radio Network
ISRNInnovation Systems Research Network (University of Toronto; Canada)
ISRNI'll Stop Rambling Now (IRC)
ISRNImprovement Science Research Network (US NIH)
ISRNIncorporated Society of Registered Naturopaths (est. 1934; UK)
ISRNInternational Scholarly Research Network (journal series)
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Research Reports: ISRN TIMA-RR-01/10-7-FR, 2001, France.
What Niosi's studies, along with the ISRN studies, do confirm, is that Canada is a nation of regional systems of innovation, and that industrial clusters in these regions are the building blocks of these systems.
More precisely, our own list of some 644 firms, developed within the ISRN project indicates that the multimedia sector in Montreal is strongly concentrated in a commercial zone composed of old industrial buildings, close to the centre of town, where a large number of small firms are clustered.
Which were also studied in the context of the ISRN (Innovation Systems Research Network) of which this is part; see Britton and Ldgare (2004) and Smith et al (2004).
In my own research published in the journal ISRN Allergy, (10) I found that many individuals react to different components of wheat proteins.