ISRPInstitut Supérieur de Rééducation Psychomotrice (French: Higher Institute of Psychomotor Rehabilitation)
ISRPInternational Society for Respiratory Protection
ISRPInventory, Shipping, Receiving and Picking (software)
ISRPIntegrated Submission and Remittance Processing (System)
ISRPInternational Space Research Park (NASA)
ISRPInstitute for the Study of Religion in Politics
ISRPInteroperability Senior Review
ISRPInternational Society of Realist Painters
ISRPInteractive Story Role Play
ISRPInformation Systems Rules Panel (Bellcore)
ISRPIn-Service Readiness Process/Plan/Procedure
ISRPInternational Staging and Re-design Professional (home staging)
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The City of Philadelphia has received a $141,214 ISRP grant for an environmental assessment of the former Mrs.
ISRP funds will be used for asbestos abatement of steam tunnel piping and subsurface structures, excavation and disposal of contaminated soil, excavation and handling of asbestos containing material, installation of geotextile membrane for ACM-free utility corridors, and installation of environmental cap.
Lynch clearly believes that the significance of the ISRP lies in its program and ideological stance far more than its activity.
It is anticipated that ISRP will change its name to MB Tech Inc.
For them, the Qur'anic ethics of universal, cosmic mercy shows the way toward another way of doing science that respects and preserves nature (and by extension humankind) rather than destroys it, and I believe that a well articulated ISRP involving all thinking, reflective and self-critical scientists will facilitate the way toward realizing that science in practice.
Connolly's galvanization of the ISRP upon his arrival as their organizer in 1896 signalled a new rigour.
Dr Wynn was then asked if the Australian Society of Animal Production could commit to the organization of the conference in conjunction with the ISNH/ ISRP joint Congress to be held in Sydney in 2014.
SEDA-COG Housing Development Corporation (SCHDC) has been awarded a $210,171 ISRP grant to remediate a former Mann Edge Tool property in the Borough of Lewisburg, Mifflin County.
Take the native Irish speaker living in New Bedford, Massachusetts, who met with Connolly at a speech he gave in 1902, and then went out to sell subscriptions to the Workers Republic, the organ of the ISRP printed in Dublin.
The rugged engineering of our forklift computer products is a perfect complement for IntelliTrack WMS and ISRP inventory software.
While addressing a press conference along with Federal Information Minister, Qamar Zaman Kaira, DG ISRP, Maj.
The ISRP will take individual technologies from within their "silos" in NASA's Fundamental Aeronautics program, and "test them in an integrated fashion in a relevant environment to see if the intended benefits are realized when they are combined at a system level," Shin says.