ISRTInstitute of Statistical Research and Training (University of Dhaka)
ISRTIowa Society of Radiologic Technologists (Monticello, IA)
ISRTIntelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance, and Targeting
ISRTIntel System Recovery Tool (software)
ISRTInternal Security Response Team
ISRTIncidental Serial Reaction Time (mental health)
ISRTInternational Spinal Research Trust
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The proposed ISRT provides the sharpest edge and clearest interior region.
PL and ISRT provide two comparable curves, and neither is significantly better than the other.
Both PL and ISRT overcome this shortcoming so that more iterations always provide considerably better results.
As such, this study asks and answers the question: "How are identities produced through ISRT policy?
Research on ISRT policy has relied heavily on legal arguments about undocumented immigrants' rights to higher education as well as quantitative analyses of policy outcomes related to undocumented students.
Despite a growing literature related to undocumented students in higher education, and ISRT policy in particular, these policies have remained largely unexamined in terms of their discursive effects.
The ISRT Clinical Initiative has a few specific requirements.
An overall progress review of the ISRT Clinical Initiative study was presented in the ISRT lecture at the International Spinal Cord Society's Annual Scientific Meeting in Beijing, China (October 2003) and was published in 2004 by Ellaway et al.
However, at the time this article was prepared, the ISRT Clinical Initiative study was still ongoing and final results were unavailable.
To overcome this defect, an improved square root transformation, named the ISRT, is used to construct an ISRT p-chart.
Thus, the ISRT p-chart can be constructed with the center line C[L.
If the sample size n is large and p is small enough so that np has a moderate size c, the ISRT c-chart can be constructed with the center line C[L.