ISRTInstitute of Statistical Research and Training (University of Dhaka)
ISRTIowa Society of Radiologic Technologists (Monticello, IA)
ISRTIntelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance, and Targeting
ISRTIntel System Recovery Tool (software)
ISRTInternal Security Response Team
ISRTIncidental Serial Reaction Time (mental health)
ISRTInternational Spinal Research Trust
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However, at the time this article was prepared, the ISRT Clinical Initiative study was still ongoing and final results were unavailable.
The ISRT Clinical Initiative study was approved by the Aylesbury Vale Local Research Ethics Committee.
We wish to thank the patient and control volunteers for their generous participation in the study, all the members of the ISRT Clinical Initiative team for their contributions to the work, and the staff at the National Spinal Injuries Centre, Stoke Mandeville Hospital, for their help during the study.
Abbreviations: ASIA = American Spinal Injury Association, C = cervical, ISRT = International Spinal Research Trust, L = lumbar, PT = perceptual threshold, QST = quantitative sensory test, S = sacral, SCI = spinal cord injury, SD = standard deviation, T = thoracic.
Thus, the ISRT p-chart can be constructed with the center line C[L.
If the sample size n is large and p is small enough so that np has a moderate size c, the ISRT c-chart can be constructed with the center line C[L.
Three criteria are provided for investigating the performance of the ISRT p-chart here.
First, we compare the regression-based p-chart, the Arcsine p-chart, the modified p-chart, the Q-chart, the classical 3-sigma p-chart with the ISRT p-chart based on the value of [n.
Because of the good performance of the modified c-chart and the regression-based c-chart based on the first criterion, they are selected to be compared the closeness of the false alarm probabilities to the nominal values for both over UCL and under LCL with the ISRT c-chart.
The estimated probabilities for the ISRT np-chart, the regression-based np-chart and the modified np-chart are listed in Table ?
They are the ISRT p-chart, ISRT np-chart and ISRT c-chart.